Our metal workshop

The maintenance carried out by our technical department enables us to keep our machinery in top condition at all times.

Metal machining

Machining is a collective term for the processing of materials in which the desired shape is obtained by removing material. Machining is craftsmanship. There are numerous factors to consider. It is customized and requires the right approach, experience and the right equipment.

Metal machining in the metalworking industry is precision work that requires working to within a millimeter. That’s why we work with CNC machines. These are controlled by computers. This ensures accuracy and makes it possible to produce the same product in large runs.
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Metal turning

Metal turning is a machining technique. In this process, metal is rotated on a CNC machine and cutting movements are made with it. In this way, all kinds of forms can be created.
Not only metal can be machined in this way. We also edit:

  • Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Brass
  • Copper
  • Bronze

The process of machining

At our company, the process from the machining request to the shipment of the finished product consists of seven steps.

The machinery

Our machinery consists of the most accurate and high-quality short- and long-turn CNC machines in the industry.

Metal turning: Branches

In the metal turning shop we produce a wide variety of products with different uses for all kinds of industries.


We are ISO9001 certified, work according to the standards of ISO14001 and place great value on CSR.