Training: in-house and internship

We consider high quality of our products and services very important at VCN. By ensuring that all employees are functioning at the right level, we offer training during the onboarding process to become an operator, programmer or, for example, a machine setter, we offer advancement opportunities and are an approved training company.

Technical Experience

To get started at our metalworking company, having technical and electrical knowledge is the foundation. The specific knowledge you need to maintain the CNC turning machines or to adjust the machines, for example, you will learn with us during an extensive induction program with internal training.
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Advancement opportunities

We believe it is important to be a good employer. That’s why we want to continue to challenge our employees to be the best they can be by providing opportunities for advancement within the company.
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Recognized training company

VCN mass turning is an SBB Accredited Learning Company with experienced practical trainers in the field of CNC turning as part of metalworking. Internship is a fun and effective way for us to bring in eager to learn and motivated employees. Many students continue to work with us after their internship.