We are specialized in machining complex turned components in large numbers to precise tolerances from materials including steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum and brass. Our products are exported to numerous customers worldwide in various industrial sectors.

Thanks to our CNC-controlled machines, efficient working processes and well-trained, experienced staff, we can guarantee high quality, competitive prices and rapid, reliable delivery.



If you need simple or just complex and highly accurate parts, you have come to the right place at VCN mass turning. We will discuss specifications and delivery times with you. Then our work preparation team will get to work on your drawings and specifications.

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In our conditioned production hall we have at our disposal two production lines, with computer-controlled machines that are operated 24 hours a day. Thanks to the combination of craftsmanship, advanced machinery and thorough maintenance by our own technical department, we can produce a perfect end product from steel, stainless steel, aluminum or brass, in any machinable alloy.

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After production, the products are cleaned and degreased by our robotized washing line. It consists of two identical cleaning machines. The cutting oil removed by cleaning the products is reused.

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If your product requires further post-treatment, we can provide that too. Various post-treatments, such as engraving, we provide within our own organization. In addition, we work with selected partners.

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Together with you, we determine the specifications and requirements the product must meet. Precise controls during production ensure a good product. Thus, operators already check during the production process whether the products meet these requirements. After cleaning, a strict inspection is always done by our quality staff.

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If required, we can also take care of the (pre-)assembly of your products. Think of assembling various parts into a finished product or assembling various (turning) parts into one set.

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The logistics department is responsible for both the supply of raw materials and the packaging, storage and delivery of the product. We also arrange transportation of your products ourselves.

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